What is CPG?

For the past 10 years, the Charlotte Photo Group has brought like-minded photographers and shutterbugs together to celebrate photography.

Who is CPG?

CPG is a non-profit run by a volunteer board. If you would like to get involved we encourage you to get involved in the group as a whole.

Find out More

Getting involved is easy, jump to our Meetup Group and see what events we’re up to. To read more about who we are and larger projects we’re involved with check out our Trello board. If you just want to be social we have an active Facebook Group that you can dip your toes in.

CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp RT @HelpPortrait: In the 9 years since it began, #HelpPortrait has become an int'l movement: over 75,000 volunteers in 67 countries. https:… 3 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Catching our President Scott Stallings doing great captures at #TEDxCLT 📷 https://t.co/NnVHuAtK9h 6 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Unrest in Photography with Mike Baker. Photo activism vs journalism @ Flaming Chicken Studio https://t.co/4XOYCy96Q9 7 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Working on our @HelpPortrait upcoming schedule. Get involved! 7 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Tuesday, https://t.co/dKBEyeKt4Z Photojournalism V Activism 8 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Tonight Logan Cyrus on "Moments". Join us next month or on an outing, https://t.co/mOKQuJjT00 24 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp June contest will be: Water 24 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Contest for May: Closeup / First place winner: Bob Blichmann https://t.co/hveeEMpOQY 24 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Meeting tonight! Going over May and prepping for a great list of June activities. 24 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Beautiful day in the queen city. Get out and shoot! 26 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Street Photography: Speed Street 2017 https://t.co/bTQ5En2qR5 26 weeks ago
CPG CPG @CLTPhotoGrp Photobook Friday: CPG Photobook Club 5/26 https://t.co/xvwvB057AM 26 weeks ago